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Many homes and apartment complexes were built with galvanized piping which in time will rust and deteriorate or low grade copper piping under the slab or between the floors. If you have any of the following symptoms in your home's existing plumbing system, you may be using galvanized piping that is rusting and deteriorating or damage to your home.
*Rusty or foul smelling water
*Low water Pressure
*Getting scalded or frozen in shower when someone flushes or uses other water device (dishwater, sink, etc)
*Slab Leaks
*Leaking Pipes
It's that time of year again! If you know anyone that is in need of a re-pipe or even new drain lines, submit their story to phillipsplumbingco@hotmail.com or mail it to us. The winner will be announced October 30th!
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Unhealthy Water

Corroded pipes can cause water to become dirty, foul-smelling and unfit to use or consume. It's what happens when rust builds up inside galvanized water pipes. The rust restricts the flow of water and causes a build-up of gunk and slime throughout the system. With your plumbing system free of old, corroded galvanized pipe you will be free of discoloration and metallic taste in your water for improved water quality.
We'll replace your galvanized, Pex or hard copper piping using "Flow Guard Gold" C.P.V.C. pipe. After our specialist are done with your home you and your family can take comfortable showers, wash dishes, do laundry...in other words...use all faucets and fixtures at the same time. Enjoy better water pressure throughout your home, improved delivery of hot water, and eliminate costly water damage repair bills. Also, we give you a 5 year warranty! Take a look at some of the major benefits.
  • Clean Water
  • Strong Water Pressure
  • Higher Home Value
  • Eliminate Damage Costs
  • More

Slab Leaks

Once the ground shifts from environmental changes, or faulty construction on your foundation, your home is susceptible to slab leaks. Also, since there is not much cold weather in this area, water lines are often not insulated, so lines may be touching and wear over time from running against one another.

Fixing Slab Leaks

1.) Locating the Leak - Air is pumped through a line where the technician listens for the sound of an air bubble. This is something they are trained to recognize and have perfected over time.
2.) Repairing the Leak - This may result in rerouting the water line overhead if in mobile home, or having to go through the foundation. All options depend on where the leak is located.